The California Arts and Sciences Institute advances education by bringing talented speakers to schools and community groups. We bring scientists, artists, physicians, historians, engineers, economists, authors, and accomplished entrepreneurs to your venue. We specifically augment school curricula and inspire the young to activate their futures.

Our topics span California art history, atmospheric physics, marine biology, film-making, energy choices, and water supply. More importantly, our speakers present practical experience to youth to invent products and become entrepreneurs. Our presenters have created some of the most successful companies and non-profits in California. Our formats include speeches, panels, workshops, and field trips. Our members include top USA scientists and economists; eminent artists, sculptors, filmmakers, Olympic Medalists, accomplished CEOs, and advisors to the US President and Congress.

We also publish scientific, economics, art, and history articles, typically in peer-reviewed journals; these publications and videos involve collaboration among the varied disciplines comprising the California Arts and Sciences Institute, a non-profit corporation.